DISC Behaviour style workshop for managers


Discover your management style

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Course Background

  • Learn about the DiSC® communication model and how it informs the role of manager
  • Discover your management style on the Everything DiSC® Management Map
  • Explore the influence your management style has on how you manage time, make decisions, and approach problems.
  • Learn a method for recognising other people’s DiSC®
  • Learn about your natural directing and delegating style.
  • Learn how you affect the motivation of others.
  • Recognise what different people find motivating and demotivating.
  • Learn about your natural style of developing others.
  • Identify the development preferences of different people.
  • Consider how your manager might see you.
  • Discover different approaches to getting a buy-in from your manager.


Pre-Work: Online DiSC survey to be completed before the course. ($85 per delegate)

This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organizations.

Who is this course for?

  • First time or existing managers who need to understand how to maximise the performance of different communication styles.
  • Sales team members that need to adapt to their customer's communication style.

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