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Course Background

This Strategic Leadership workshop aims to show you there is a better way through focusing on some truly practical behavioural skills, the Seven Strategic Leadership factors:

Direction setting

Strategic Thinking

Visionary Change Management

Strategic communication

Strategic Influencing

Mindful self-awareness

Results focus

Strategic Leadership is about not only the top-down of a function but is also influencing upwards, sideways and cross –functionally-maybe cross business(s). It can be applied to the strategic leadership of projects, problems, and change issues, to crucial meetings, time management and even self-management. Our presenter on this intensive day Breakthrough Strategic Leadership workshop is a speaker with an MBA and a PHD from business schools and over thirty years’ top level strategic consulting experience where he has advised and influenced leaders at the very top.

It is all about Breakthroughs as that focuses the mind on key quantum shifts in not only one’s own leadership skills but also on the key Business and Organisational quantum shifts that this can lead to.

This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organizations.

Who is this course for?

This programme can be specifically targeted at:


Other Senior Executives from all functions, especially those with increased scope and challenges

Managers in the High Talent pool

Senior business advisers and project/ programme, and internal change consultants

“Intact teams”: for strategic team building and to take performance up to a new level

 It is particularly helpful to come with one or more colleagues to share the learnings together, and to relate them and actually apply them to your own issues. This will help optimise the learning transfer back to your organisation.

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