Customer Experience Masterclass


Understanding what customers want and responding pro-actively presents banks with a growth opportunity. Banks must develop a capacity to create the appropriate culture to deliver performance excellence through understanding the experience required by customers. Explore opportunities and share best practices with our Retail Banking experts.

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Course Background

Banks need to differentiate their offerings in order to grow revenue, increase loyalty, reduce costs, meet the challenge of increased regulation and competition alongside the impact of the drive to digital. The increased demand from customers is creating major pressures for banks.

To many customers, banks are all the same – commoditised products, similar prices, similar opening hours and painful processes. Banks are striving to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive world with new banks and technology advancements impacting on every aspect of their business model – they need to remember it is the customer who makes the choice and therefore creates the world where Experience Delivery is front of mind across the whole bank.

This programme will share best practice from around the world not only in banking but other sectors as well. It will help attendees understand just how to be different and drive higher sales performance as a result. Appreciating how to measure customer experience and reward staff for delivering quality service rather than be focused just on meeting product sales targets.

An inspirational event that will transform the way you think and enable attendees to deliver change when they return to their bank  

This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organizations.

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