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Course Background

M&A deals are complex, with only about half of deals larger than $250 million delivering the promised returns.  Skilled negotiators understand that some of the problems that cause deals to go wrong are ‘technical’ e.g. the target company’s market position is weaker than expected. However, they also know that many of the issues are to do with the human side of making a deal work i.e. the ‘challenge’ is about managing the feelings and attitudes of the people doing the deal e.g. how trust is (or isn’t) built, the way that concerns are managed, how conflict is defused etc. 

This highly practical, two-day workshop covers all the key aspects of handling the psychological aspects of the M&A process; it’s about the ‘human side’ of making a deal work. The training looks at how negotiators can develop a strong sense of self-confidence and have a powerful personal impact. It also looks at planning processes and influencing tactics that allow proposals to be presented in the best possible way and for disagreements to be managed elegantly. 


  • Appreciate how your ‘personal’ negotiating style impacts on your success
  • Discover why M&A deals go wrong
  • Acquire an insight into how to handle cultural differences
  • Learn how to be seen as ‘charismatic’ by your negotiation partner
  • Understand how to defuse conflict in a negotiation meeting
This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organizations.

Who is this course for?

This programme is for anyone who needs to demonstrate confidence, competence and clarity when engaged in an M&A negotiation.

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