SME Credit Risk Analyst Course | 10 Days School


The learning goal of the SME Credit Risk Analyst course is to explain SME lending principles, risk management and marketing focussing particularly on the granting of medium term loans for SMEs. Participants will learn how to: Improve financial analysis Improve the banks’, credit granting process, SME credit risk management and SME lending capabilities, especially for medium term loans Develop Customer Relationship Management Skills Improve the banks’ acquisition of SME deposits and medium term loans by developing additional marketing skills

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Course Background

The ten days school offers comprehensive learning in different methodologies: 

The first part is an introductory section, which covers commercial banking risks, appropriate risk-taking intermediation as well as credit analysis and the lending decision process.

The second part is about Client needs analysis. After analysing the individual financial situation of the borrower, we concentrate on the client’s needs. Therefore, different credit and lending forms, collateral, guarantees etc. will be analysed and presented.

The third part is about bank SME risk analysis. The participants will be trained in different business risk analysis approaches and how to assess industry and business risk for the SME sector. This will include Cross Checking financial information to ensure that it is reliable.

The final lending point deals with loan monitoring as an essential part of the credit process. The basic objective of monitoring is to identify potential upcoming risks at an early point in time and to prevent increasing problems through regular monitoring.

The course will develop Customer Relationship Management skills. This is a crucial element in obtaining private financial information from small enterprises. Participants will be able to build on their existing marketing skills to improve sales performance especially in the acquisition of deposits and medium term loans.

The participants will sit an accreditation test at the end of this course. The questions will be multiple-choice, based on the whole course content.

This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organizations.

Who is this course for?

CRM Team Leaders

Customer Relationship Managers 

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