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Course Background

M&A activity follows waves and the challenge in the new wave will be how to ensure that the prospective deals are identified and driven to completion so as to ensure that the maximum of value is derived. Timing is of the essence and having the necessary skills to acquire at a value creating price is essential.

So what is included in developing expert techniques and strategies in M&A?

The following provides a good indication:

 How to develop a good M&A strategy

 How to challenge value – key perspectives using financial model

 How to avoid overestimating synergies
 How to influence price – from value and from negotiation
 How to use the tools of corporate finance to identify a ‘deal breaker’ – paying too  much
 How to communicate to drive value
 How to structure a deal
 How to select from funding options
 How to avoid non-financial issues – culture
 How to avoid being unprepared for implementation– project management

This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organizations.

Who is this course for?

Who is this for:

• M&A Specialists
• Corporate Financiers
• Commercial and Investment Bankers
• Analysts
• Investors
• Finance Directors
• Lawyers
• All those involved in Buyouts and Acquisitions

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