Financial Modelling for Mergers and Acquisitions


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Course Background

Gain an overview of the alternative models that can be used to value a company, including both traditional and more contemporary modelling approaches. Using Excel, build a proforma model that establishes the relationships between the balance sheet, income statement and free cash flows of a company. Illustrate how the value drivers for the company can be derived and see how to value a company using the free cash flow (FCF) method. Finally, using the model analyse and value a company applying value driver/free cash flow information.

The benefits of using spreadsheet modelling for applications involving financial management and corporate valuation are undisputed, but many courses focus too heavily upon the development of spreadsheet skills. This training programme is intended to develop financial modelling capability in merger and acquisition analysis; however, the focus is on the development of core merger and acquisition skills facilitated through the use of spreadsheet analysis.

The course is not designed to teach the use of spreadsheets and it adopts a building block approach designed to take attendees through the process of developing valuation models progressively and step-by-step.

This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organizations.

Who is this course for?

M&A Specialists
Corporate Financiers
Commercial and Investment Bankers
Finance Directors
All those involved in Buyouts and Acquisitions

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