Financial Controllers & CFOs Workshop


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Course Background

Global competition, new business opportunities, technological advancements, the need for better cost control, shorter product and market cycles together with the recent economic turbulence are all putting added pressure and responsibility on busy financial specialists.

As well as being able to meet these challenges, financial specialists must rise to meet others, like the measurement and control of the cost of capital in their business(es) and the creation of value for shareholders. Responding to all of these demands and being successful requires a comprehensive understanding of emerging financial principles and techniques, some of which may be new or at least less familiar to those who have undergone traditional financial training.

The Financial Controllers & CFOs Workshop will examine in detail these and other important aspects of the financial specialist's responsibilities. The objective is to show how the financial specialist can contribute fully to being a core advisor in key corporate strategies and decision-making.

This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organizations.

Who is this course for?

Financial Controllers
Finance Directors/CFOs
Financial Analysts
Financial / Strategic Planners
Chief Financial Officers
Internal and External Auditors
Management Consultants
Corporate Bankers
Tax Specialists


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