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Course Background

This is a practical course to show you how to apply the principles of corporate finance and how to analyse many important issues including M&A, IPOs, restructuring, managing for value and LBOs.

A key feature is that the course demonstrates how the different applications draw upon a common core framework based on the principles of financial economics that are reviewed on the first day.

In addition, this course offers an insight of the instructor’s extensive experience of working in developing markets where the application of the principles of corporate finance raises some specific challenges, not least because of the limited availability of data. 

When putting together any corporate finance deal, the creation of value is vital.

For example, the evidence suggests that the majority of M&A transactions fail to add value for the acquirer's shareholders and misplaced acquisition programmes often result in financial distress or bankruptcy. All too often, incorrect principles, perhaps drawn from the world of accounting may be applied to M&A and other corporate finance transactions. This course demonstrates the importance of applying the principles of corporate finance correctly to help avoid expensive mistakes.

This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organizations.

Who is this course for?

This course will help you acquire a practical working knowledge of how to:

Apply core principles of corporate finance  to the specific challenges of developing markets

Manage data limitations and the importance of commercial due diligence

Challenge third party valuations using the principles of corporate finance

Review valuation methodologies and techniques, their uses and abuses in corporate finance applications like: 
M&A, IPOs, Restructuring, Managing for Value and LBOs

Importance of the principles of financial economics versus accounting

Cost of capital estimation in developed and developing markets

Optimal capital structure and its estimation in practice

Financing alternatives and different financing structures

The key characteristics of successful M&As

M&A: public company takeovers and private company acquisitions - how to analyse and incorporate synergies within M&A valuation

Restructuring and divestment as an important part of the corporate finance toolkit

When to divest and alternative ways of divesting a business leveraged finance and management buyouts

Essential features of leveraged buyouts and how they are structured

What is different about the strategic buyer and the private equity perspective

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