Commercial Due Diligence and Risk Minimisation


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Course Background

Due diligence is critical for a whole range of corporate finance transactions: investments in businesses, acquisitions and disposals. 

This 3-day course provides a broader view of due diligence and looks beyond conventional wisdom by placing a very significant weighting upon its contribution to the commercial viability of prospective ventures.  It is directed at both investments in businesses ('greenfield' or 'brownfield') and those acquired to fit synergistically with existing companies.

The course is designed to help participants understand:

What, when and why due diligence is required

What the due diligence process involves - appointment of the team, confidentiality agreements, data room issues, interviews and reporting

The phases of due diligence – strategy, planning where to focus the due      diligence effort, defining the scope of the due diligence, data analysis, verification, negotiation and completion

How to conduct due diligence for operational decisions - 'greenfield and brownfield' investments

The main types of due diligence – industry, company, accounting, operational, environmental, human, legal and regulatory

How to link due diligence with the appraisal process and financial evaluator techniques

How due diligence is linked to the financial plan

How to interrogate the business plan using due diligence

How to conduct due diligence for joint ventures, acquisitions and divestments

How to link due diligence with business valuation and synergy assessment

How to use due diligence to help renegotiate the price

How to manage due diligence challenges

This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organizations.

Who is this course for?

Publicly Traded Companies

Private Companies

Family Businesses


Strategic and Financial Advisory


Sovereign Funds

Private Equity

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