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Course Background

This 3-day programme focuses upon how the toolkit of managerial accounting can be linked sequentially and logically with the principles of financial economics. It will provide critical insight into how the tools and techniques of management accounting can be adapted and used to be consistent with achieving value growth.

How much more could your company be worth and how can you help to achieve this? Companies often have enormous potential to increase the intrinsic value of their businesses – and this may often be much greater than management believes or expects. Achieving consistently superior value growth is arguably what distinguishes great companies from all others.

Driving business value as a principle is not new and yet many businesses have failed to grasp that it is something that can be explicitly managed. The process of driving business value, or ‘Managing for Value’, shows how to link long-term goals expressed in the financial strategy with day-to-day management tools, like budgeting. As a process, it requires a fresh look at what each business and function can and should do to unlock new sources of value growth.

This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organizations.

Who is this course for?

• Publicly traded companies
• Private companies
• Family businesses
• Banking
• Strategic and financial advisory
• Consulting
• Private equity

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