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Our Story



Infinite Learning International is a world innovative provider of premium public courses, eLearning and tailored learning solutions. 

InfiniteConnect is a LearnTech company that draws upon the skills of a division of P International Ltd, a learning consultancy and Alpine Interactive Ltd, an innovative technology company serving clients over 15 years. 


We cover all areas of finance, media & journalism, energy and interpersonal skills:

Banking & Finance Energy Media & Journalism | Corporate Communications Corporate Governance Management Sales & Marketing Executive Leadership Development Program | Personal Development Learning and Development | Confidence Builder for Women Social Media

We draw on our 200 strong teams of expert trainers who are among the most talented specialists in their respective fields and are committed to creating an ethos of excellence.

Infinite has been created to offer a much needed unique market-leading business model with a scope and scale that combines industry-specific product knowledge, learning and development expertise and cutting-edge learning bespoke technologies to clients globally.Our LMS platform Infinite Connect can be integrated with existing platforms or applied stand alone under our management.


We offer a one-stop solution for organisational and individual learning needs. Choose your industry, your learning methodology and measure learning impact with Infinite Connect Toolkit. Our experts can help you stay on top of all industry trends, and our learning specialist will facilitate learning outcomes with an engaging content for learners,  reporting dashboards for managers and learning culture for companies. 


Our expertise is available anytime, anywhere and on any device.  The Training portfolio offers over 500 expert-led workshops in global destinations and scheduled dates during the year. However, we also offer bespoke sessions on demand creating flexible client-centric approach delivering perfect solutions within a training budget. 



Tailored Learning Solutions

Programmes designed for your organisation’s exact needs



Self-paced/off the shelf, blended courses or custom designed programmes to create unique learning journeys 


Engaging content 

eBooks, handbooks and self-study workbooks


Public Courses

Both as classroom and blended training with eLearning and/or interpersonal skills



InfiniteConnect |Our LMS Platform

We measure learning outcomes in any methodology with our unique learning platform that works as stand-alone or integrated with your existing ones. 

 Our Mission

InfinteConnect management team and subject experts programme directors created unique offerings in a very segmented learning and development space providing solutions for both learners, managers and companies in one place. The bespoke learning technology fits with any LMS platform and the content can be designed as bespoke or ready made. InfiniteConnect, our LMS platform under 'My courses' creates a learning journey with live reporting dashboards. You can learn anytime, anywhere and on any device. Measure the learning outcome and map your learning journey.  

Our Promise  

We act as a trusted adviser to work with you and define training objectives, design and deliver on point training, support implementation, certify competence and evaluate training outcomes. From early career to the boardroom, we cover the full learning cycle to enable managerial and leadership staff to meet the business objectives.

If you would like more information about how we could help you achieve your personal or organisation’s goals, talk to us today. We can show you how our products and services can serve your organisational needs to fit any training budget. 

Our Team of Experts

View our team for the various industries here or get in touch with detailed information on our expert's experience, education and client feedback. 



Experiential Learning Applied

Our experts combine academic knowledge with practitioners' experience to create a unique blend of best practice, cutting-edge industry trends and innovative learning techniques.

Send us a request to view our team of industry experts 

Public Instructor-Led Workshops 


Choose from over 500 topics delivered in various destination globally. From one day workshops to comprehensive schools you will learn the latest know-how from the best in the industry. 

On Demand


Choose the duration, the level, the timing, the content and the methodology.Learn from a bespoke session designed by our experts for your team.

WebEx & Bite-Size


We offer the expert-led virtual session for your team and deliver bespoke content globally. Choose a bite-size webinar or subscribe to our continued learning program via Infinite Learning LMS platform.

Measure learning impact with InfiniteConnect LMS platform

Infinite Connect Learning Management System empowers you to set up, deliver, and track learning for the individual learner, the team and the company. Maximise learning impact by developing skill-based learning programs. Play all kinds of content seamlessly with our Fluidic Player that also allows note-taking to facilitate revision. Foster a learning culture using gamification and mobile learning.Measure learning outcomes with real-time reporting dashboard. 

 View what InfiniteConnect can do for your organisation, your team and individual learners


Inspire engaging learning culture by embracing learning that matches individual styles and makes personal development fun, not an obligation

Deliver engaging learning through gamification, leaderboards and badges to motivate employees to complete courses

Apply new skills with ease the very next day


''Create a learning culture for your organisation''



Achieve business goals faster by developing new skills and closing skill gaps

Personalised learning plans can be quickly rolled out to individuals and groups, using do-it-yourself workflows

Track complete learning history for individuals and teams

Manage your business goals



Manage your learning journey at your convenience

Gain offline access with the Infinite Connect app* 

Auto sync your learning when you are back online




Share learning tips with your colleagues and apply best practice

Keep up with your peers by comparing progress

Improve your individual skills and build a strong team



CHOOSE your organisational learning style 

Subscribe to Infinite Integrated learning solutions and choose from public courses, WebEx or bite- size learning

Benefit from technical expertise designed to match your learning preferences 

Stay in control of your learning





Track progress of members of your team, departments and individual employees

Compare performance vis-à-vis other user groups or their own learning objectives

Tailor different views of learning data based on specified requirements