John Berry



John is one of the foremost experts in retail banking.

John Berry |Director


John Berry 

John is one of the foremost experts in retail banking. He is the former Managing Director of the UK retail bank Abbey National (now part of Banco Santander). During the last decade, he has become a sought-after trainer having worked with staff at all levels with numerous major banks to deliver quality programmes.

John is a Senior Advisor to Efma ( and works with leading consultancies such as EY.

His career involved successfully managing branches, operations, marketing and overseas businesses before managing the retail bank. He received worldwide recognition for innovation when he introduced branch franchising into the UK. In addition, global recognition followed his innovative introduction of putting coffee and banking together on the high street (Costa Coffee) to make banking a more pleasant environment for customers – and more profitable for the bank.

John has spent the last 10 years working with major international retail banks assisting them to align their strategy and local plans within the rapidly changing world of changing customer demands, distribution changes brought about by the drive to digital, technology advancements such as mobile and social media and marketing.

His knowledge and insights of the pressures and new developments are extensive, enabling him to share his global experiences. His appreciation and awareness of trends and best practices in retail banking activity makes him a sought after advisor/ trainer within the sector.  


John has worked throughout the world undertaking strategic, transformational and training work with retail banks to improve their performance across all channels. His clients include many major banks from throughout Africa/ SE Asia/ Australia/ Europe/ Middle East, India, Pakistan, Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam and UK.

The list of banks is extensive including names such as HSBC, Bank Muscat, Bank Saudi Fransi, Raiffeisen, Bank St Petersburg, Habib, State Bank of India, Corporation Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Arab Bank, Saman Bank, Bank Audi, Shinhan Bank (Korea), Ocean Bank (Vietnam), Bank of China, Ecobank, Zenith Bank and numerous others.

John has published work on retail bank branch performance and is a sought after speaker at conferences due to his extensive retail banking knowledge and insight especially in the distribution, marketing and customer areas. He is a leading player in the “customer experience and cultural change” environment, helping retail banks deliver excellence through people, processes, products and places to create leading value environments. His projects have frequently seen performance uplifts at significant double-digit levels. 

A knowledgeable and experienced individual who will give real added value to those wishing to differentiate their strategy and performance in a crowded marketplace.



















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"John is the best international trainer in retail Banking programme. He has the mastery of the subject, highly experienced and detailed. I recommend his service to anyone or group that wants to have an excellent understanding of this area of banking."

Executive Director Finance and Administration at Orient Petroleum Resources PLC



"John's wealth of experience changed my entire perspective of truly driving new Customer initiative. He was doing a course for various Retail leaders across Africa in Kampala. I will recommend John to speak to you any day."

- Principal Secretary Government of Kenya Ministry of Information, Communication, & Technology



"I had the pleasure of working for John at Abbey. He showed a true understanding of retail banking and a clear eye for opportunity. We achieved success through innovation and empowerment and I learned much from the time spent in his team"

 - Compliance Manager & Deputy MLRO at Capita Mortgage Services



"I had the pleasure of regularly interviewing John for the internal business TV programme. He was also a regular panel guest on the internal Q&A event talks. John has always been a delight to work with, highly knowledgeable, clear, concise and really gets to the point. He is a real people person with great sense of humour. Great to work with."

 - Director: Leadership Trans4mation, Adjunct Professor of Business Communication INSEAD



"Great value programme – excellent knowledge and presentations – strongly recommended"

 - Branch Head of Operations – National Bank



John was deeply experienced in all areas – it was a real eye opening programme that showed what we should have been doing in the past

- Bank Agency Head – Tanzania



"Thank you very much Mr John, on your wonderful and valuable retail banking programme

We wish the application of the ideas that we have learned to develop the performance in our bank to the better.

We wish to see you again in future sessions to continue our learning from you."

 - Banking Head, Major Bank, Middle East