Andre Horovitz



Andre Horovitz |Director

MBA, GARP Certified Financial Risk Manager

Andre Horovitz has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry.

Horovitz started his banking career at Lehman Brothers as an Investment Banking Associate in 1988. He was responsible for pricing, developing hedging strategies and marketing exotic interest rate derivatives.

He has subsequently held senior executive positions at Oliver, Wyman & Co, Commerzbank, HVB Group (currently part of Unicredit), Erste Bank, Credit Suisse and Nagler & Company. At Erste Bank and Credit Suisse, Mr Horovitz held the positions of Chief Risk Officer and was a member of the top management 

committees of the respective institutions.

Horovitz advises Bain & Company's financial institutions group in treasury, asset-liability management, risk management and capital markets engagements

He is a frequent speaker at various risk management conferences and a contributor to various industry journals. He has held teaching assignments in financial risk management at the Technical Universities of Munich and Vienna. His areas of expertise cover all classes of financial risk management including the important link to overall institutional strategy.

In the Spotlight


Hi Andre,  what is your expertise and what do you think makes you different from other trainers?

I specialise in quantitative finance, especially in financial risk management. I have conducted training workshops in five continents during the past eight years on a variety of topics from Asset Liability Management to Quantitative Risk Management to Pricing of complex Derivatives. What makes me special? It is a difficult question to answer as I believe that the global learning industry is fortunate to have many superb instructors in my field. Nevertheless, I would hope to distinguish myself in that I can bring to my trainees not only an applications oriented slant to the key topics covered, but also convey how such analyses and reports, typically executed at mid-managerial level, get used in decision making by top management (such an example is my 2 Day Stress Testing workshop, where I embed best internal practices with consecrated and regulatory driven exercises such as DFAST, CCAR, EBA, etc.) . Having started on the “floor shop” as a young investment banker and subsequently consultant and having had the fortune of having raised to the Chief Risk Officer position in my career, I would like to think that I can bring an additional dimension to the training seminars which relates to the connectivity with formulating institutional strategy and executing it.


What makes your courses essential to attend?

There are a lot of changes in the financial industry, particularly in risk management. Some have to do with overarching changes in regulation, such as IRRBB, FRTB, Basel III, Dodd-Frank, etc, and others having to do with mutations happening in the financial services industry in the post-financial crisis environment. Many professionals (young, but also the more seasoned ones), still find it very difficult to grasp the complexity of all these changes and seek advice on how to best execute a strategy that complies with the new regulation and also adds value to the firms' strategic values. These are by and large the reasons why many professionals in the industry attend my training workshops.


Why have you chosen to partner with Infinite Learning?

It is the integrated learning solutions that drew me to Infinite - the ability to offer my content in different methodologies and the emphasis on individual learning styles. The variety of methodologies (bite-size, WebEx, instructor-led etc) enables me to reach a huge demographic of learners. Each topic can be tailored to specific needs, levels and duration and delivered at any time, anywhere. The documentation, case studies and content are all designed to add value to my teaching methods, so it becomes easy to deliver to clients globally. 



Andre Horovitz's Courses

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