How to register for a public course


1. Click the log in button on the top right of the page to create a user profile. 

2. Click Register and choose the department you work in below and fill out the relevant form.

3. Now you have created a user profile.You can use your profile to view courses' agendas and book a training session.  

4. Select Calendar from the main menu and choose the industry and the topic. Click 'Details' to view the agenda.

5. Select your chosen date & destination and then click 'Book Now'. You will then be led through the payment process.


Select a payment option and complete the registration. 

What happens next?

The Infinite team will email confirmation that your registration for a particular course with dates and destination has been received.

If you have not received any communication from us please contact us via email: info@infinitelearninginternational.com or phone  44 (0) 203 239 0866.


How to request: WebEx, Bite-Size or In-House


Click on Traning Courses or Calendar from our Menu to choose your course. The option to choose between  WebEx, Bite-Size or On Demand is available under Find out more and book.

Please note that Webex, In-House sessions, blended and tailored solutions are available for groups only, and not individual learners.

The content, the duration and the level can be tailored to match your exact needs. 

You cannot see a topic or a date that is of interest to you?

Not a problem. Contact our experts and we will develop a learning solution for you. 


How to request a Demo


If you wish to explore all our products and services including our LMS platform, kindly request a demo by emailing info@infinitelearninginternational.com, or call us to speak to one of our experts on ++ 44 (0) 203 239  0866.

Our team will contact you to arrange a meeting or a conference call to explore how we can work together. 




Public course fees are published in the Calendar. The fees include tuition and administrative support. 

Groups discounts are available as follows:

10% for the second participant booked on the same course, dates and destination.

15% for 3 and more participants.


Pricing for Organisational buyers only: 

In House 

We charge a daily fee, expenses and content development & design if required. This is agreed in advance. 

WebEx:  Daily fees per group and per number of users.

Bite size: the modules are available only via My Courses on a subscription basis for organisational learners. 

LMS platforms:  The fee depends on the number of users and subscription duration.


 If you require further assistance, please click on the box below: